False Allegations Against Sabah Snake Grass(C.Nutans)- Part 1

I have heard of some false side effect allegations after consuming the sabah snake grass (scientific name: Clinacanthus Nutans) from the comments posted on SSG 优遁草websites and from those getting teabag from me. One lady who purchased teabag from me told me that the SSG caused one cancer patient to have internal organ bleeding.At that time, i didn't comment anything as i was not sure about the real situation.

Now I wish to correct this false allegation after i almost encountered one similar case. About  3 weeks ago, my colleague's neighbour (stage 4 cancer) who was in serious  condition vomitting blood while sitting in the house and pronounced dead on the spot. Actually i plan to introduce this alternative herbal cancer treatment to this terminal stage patient in that week. If i happened to let this patient try the SSG 2-3 days before the incident, his family will definitely blame it on the SSG.

The result of SSG treatment on cancer patients also depends on:

1) the quantity of the SSG taken and the forms of SSG (fresh, dried or teabag)
2) whether the patient taking any Chinese herbs like ginseng. 

Below are 2 examples of readers who have commented on internet which show sheer ignorance about the SSG:

1) From Good Guy blog:
My cousin took the sabah snake grass capsules for two months. He went from Stage 4 chronic kidney disease to Stage 5 and is now headed to dialysis and transplant. I wish I could reverse time; I would have never allowed him to take sabah snake grass.
(This reader's email address ID has been removed upon his request)

2) From http://alt.medicine.com.my/2013/07/sabah-snake-grass-warning-ii-mind-your-kidneys/

         From a haematologist:
"I had a patient who took SSG in sachet form, 5 sachets put into a big flask of water and he drank for the whole day for 3 days continuously. He came with severe joint pains and renal impairment, loss of appetite & was very lethargic. It took more than a week to get better and the kidney function is slowly improving, thank God! "
The statement above about side effects of SSG is as good as rubbish ! The patient took 5 sachets of SSG teabag daily for 3 days and experienced severe joint pains, who asked him to take SO MUCH teabag in a day in the first place ??? One sachets per day is the recommended qty for the body since it has cooling effect, unless he is a stage 4 cancer patient and time is running out for him, in which case 2-3 sachets per day maybe ok, even then the patient may need to drink some ginger water to counter the cooling effect.

One should realise that when a patient is in terminal stage, the tumor cells will explode any time and will cause internal bleeding. Consuming the SSG is like taking vegetables and it will no way cause internal bleeding, other than having a cooling effect on the body if consume  too much. The cooling effects can be:

Coughing a lot
Pain on thighs and knees
Restless legs
Weak knees
Back pain

Bleeding is a common phenomena in many types of cancer. Sometimes the bleeding is obvious, but more often, cancer-related bleeding is internal, with perhaps some external manifestations. For example, blood in the stool can indicate cancer of the colon or rectum, while vaginal bleeding could suggest cancer of the cervix, uterus, or ovary. Blood in the urine may signify kidney or bladder cancer. One sign of stomach cancer is vomiting blood; esophagus cancer can also produce vomiting or spitting up blood.

Updated on 18/10/2013
It has been proven that the Sabah Snake Grass / Clinacanthus Nutans's anti-viral, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties and acting as immune system stimulant has played an important role in curing diseases on non-human beings also. ( Will elaborate further in future articles)

Updated on 22/11/2013
Recently i posted the herbal treatment message for diabetes disease in Diabetes.co.uk facebook  using Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans) and the followings are the responses in its facebook from these 2 'ignorant monkeys' :

"I think your product is ineffective. I think you are shameful  to promise what you can’t deliver. I think you can keep your petty insults." ( By Weena James)

"These “grass can cure diabetes” claims are laughable. Stop being an arse. The word grass appears in the title of your link. Herbs, grass and other potions and lotions you charlatans peddle will NOT cure diabetes. Especially Type One as stated in your report. Do you really think if there was a cure millions of pounds would still be spent in research??? Your comments are really insulting and your claims are upsetting. You should be ashamed for giving false hope." (By Catherine Kirby)

Information that  cancer patients might not realise about the consequences of chemotherapy treatment by doctors
(Those non-chinese viewers can use google translator here for online translation into respective languages)





  4. 當一個人得癌症時通常也意味著他有營養不良等問題。這或許是來自遺傳,但是其中也有環境、飲食、生活習慣等因素的影響。
  5  要想擺脫營養缺陷綜合症的困擾,你需要改變飲食結構,多吃些營養豐富的食品;一日45餐並且在裡面添加增強免疫力的物質。
  6  所謂化療就是殺死體內那些繁衍迅速的癌細胞。但是,與此同時,它也扼殺了骨髓,胃腸道中迅速生長的健康細胞,並嚴重影響五臟機能。
  7  放療在摧毀癌細胞的同時也對健康的細胞、組織和器官造成了灼傷、疤痕等不同程度的損害。

  8  在化療和放療的初期,腫瘤在尺寸上是有縮小的趨勢的。然而,治療效果卻和治療時間不成正比。化療、放療的時間眼看著一天天增長,​​腫瘤卻還在病人體內肆意妄為。