Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

For cancer disease treatments, the most common available cure recommended by the doctors are surgery, chemotheraphy and radiotheraphy. Before the cancer patients agreeing to the above treatments, they need to consider thoroughly the following sequelae and side effects  of chemotherapy and radiotherapy :
 it can destroy  the fast-growing cancer cells, but also destroy the bone marrow, can  cause organ damage, like liver,  kidneys,  heart, lungs,  damage healt cells and tissues.

  long-term use of chemotherapy and radiation, the patient's immune system will   be  compromised or loss of function, in other words, the patients can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications.

chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer cells to mutate, metastasis, become   resistant and difficult to destroy.

In many cases, the cancer patients will experience relapse of of old cancer disease plus metastasis of maglinant tumor cells to other parts of the body after few years of chemo treatment . So cancer patients should think twice before they go for unknown journey of chemo with so much sufferings physically and mentally.

Many patients would think that they are being cured and free of tumor cells after the chemo or surgery. But in reality, 90% of the patients will experience metastasis or relapse within 3 years, even during the rehabilitation period.

Thus the patients can try to consume the SSG teabag or the fresh leaves during the rehabilitation period as a precaution and to reinforce the immune system which has been damaged during the chemo.