Clinacanthus Nutans (SSG) and its Medicinal Values

This Sabah Snake Grass is a native plant of South East Asia. It is mainly found in Thailand, Malaysia, Sothern China and Indonesia.
There are many names for this SSG :
1) its scientific name is called Clinacanthus Nutans
2) it is called  鳄嘴花 in China
3) it is called Yahpai yachuan or Phaya-Yor  in Thailand
4) it is called daun Belalai gajah in Malay
5) it is called daun Dandang gendis in Indonesia

This plant was originally used for treating fractures, diabetes, kidney problems, diuretic and has anti viral, anti bacteria and anti fungus properties.
It was said that this plant was first introduced by the communists in Thailand and Malaysia when they surrendered a few decades ago to the people in Thailand and Malaysia. They probably using this grass to cure snake bites and other sickness while they stayed inside the jungle. Actually The name Sabah ( one of a state in Malaysia) was mistakenly added in to the snake grass because the pronunciation of “Suapa” (one of our local dialect which means jungle) resemble pronunciation of Sabah .

The followings are the experts’ findings of South China Agricultural University, Academy of Agricultural Science and School of Horticulture and Vegetable Research Institute of Guangdong regarding the nutritional properties of Sabah Snake Grass :

  1) This type of wild grass has considerable value of flavonoids, quite effective against cancer cells.
 2) Roots contain betulin, pentacyclic triterpenoid compounds. Betulin ingredient has good effect on nasopharyngeal cancer.
3)  It contains many essential minerals like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, nickel, manganese,  vitamins and 17 amino acids which are good for medicinal value.
4)  Rich content of vitamin C, protein and dietary fiber. Dietary fiber in the human intestine can absorb water, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, preventing atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease & stroke. It plays an important role in regulating blood sugar level.
5)  Vitamin C has scavenging effect on body’s free radicals.
6)  Contains dry matter, crude protein of more than 45%.

According to Mr.Tiang, a Malaysian herb consultant for 40 years, besides its miracle cure for many types of cancer diseases, the sabah snake grass also effective for :

Hepatitis B, jaundice,  diabetes,  high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high uric acid, anemia,  kidney dialysis patients, diuretic, bone fracture, food poisoning, blood cleanser,  poisonous snake bite, scorpion string, skin rash, detoxification, rheumatism, haematoma,  dysuria (painful or difficult urination).

With so much nutritional values its possess, the SSG can effectively activating the body’s immune system, increase the count of white blood cells, produce endogenous interferon, increase anti-tumor mechanism.
This miracle plant is really “A Gift From God” because it gives somehope to those cancer patients who thought that they have reached the end of the world. But in reality, all is not lost, the hope of survivals are still there. This plant may either prolong their lives for another certain period or enable their cancer disease cured. This plant helps to promote cell growth and revive certain level of immune system  after  the damages caused by chemotherapy to the body.

It shoud be noted that sometimes one particular anti-cancer herb may not work well for some cancer patients due to differing body conditions and differing types of blood. In such case, other herbs such as Elephantopus Scaber (地胆头) or Strobilanthes Crispus (Dark Face General 黑面将军) herb can be recommended.

Herbal cancer treatment : Traditional uses of SSG
Sabah Snake Grass has traditionally been used for the following health problems:
·                 Sore throat
·                 Uric acid
·                 Gout
·                 Uterine fibroid
·                 Kidney problems
·                 Prostate inflammation
·                 Skin problems like eczema, shingles, and psoriasis

Herbal cancer treatment : SSG cures cancers
It was reported in another site that Sabah Snake Grass has cured so many types of cancer:
·                 Lung cancer
·                 Uterus cancer
·                 Prostate cancer
·                 Breast cancer
·                 Leukemia
·                 Dialysis patients