Rebuttal of Scam Website On Anti-Cancer Herb

Ever since the confirmation of this sabah snake grass or You Dun Cao (优顿草) which possesses the miracle ability to cure various type of cancer diseases under alternative cancer treatment, I started to do some effort to promote and create public awareness of its effectiveness in international websites such as cancer care & prevention organisations. 

The purpose is to let the global communities realise that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are NOT the ONLY solutions to the battle for cancer diseases. Those cancer patients should do some findings for themselves about the benefits of this herb before embarking on the unknown journey of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
But my holy efforts of promoting this “Gift of God” herb are  met with SCAM allegations from individuals and cancer organisations in USA (Cancer defeated facebook)  and Australia (Breast Cancer Org.). The Cancer Defeated claimed that there is no such thing as miracle cure for cancer diseases by any herbs and my real purpose is to earn big money and can use fake testimonials. In 2011 i did inform the Australia's breast cancer org about the existence of this herb which may be able to cure breast cancer, but my membership account was subsequently blocked due to report of scam from some members.

But in actual fact, the hospitals/oncologists are the one who take advantage of the helpless cancer patients to charge exorbitant fees (RM4,000 to RM8,000 per chemo  injection in Malaysia). The cost of herbal cancer treatment  (including the courier cost) might not even more than 5% of chemo charges. You can hire a few peoples to be your fake withnesses but it is not possible to hire tens of thousands of people to be your fake withnesses.
I mention the word” miracle” due to the fact that since 2011, there were at least few thousand cancer patients across Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of the world being successfully cured or their health conditions improved by taking this anti-cancer herb,  on top of hundreds of  patients  being cured daily . This new discovery only highlighted in our newspaper in 2011 after a stage 4 (given  3 months to live  by the doctor) cancer patient, Mr.Liu being cured by taking the Sabah Snake Grass.
I consider those who think that this anti-cancer herb or my website is a SCAM and refuse to accept new discovery as “ A frog inside the well” which means that they think they have a very good knowledge on cancer treatments. Facts or information which you may not know yet doesn’t not means it is not true. For example, you can’t see a ghost doesn’t mean there is no ghost around ( this is because normal people do not possess the required level of frequency to see the ghosts) . Only when more people are able to accept  new discovery on this herb, then only more cancer patients’ lives  will be saved !