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This carton box of 2 kg fresh SSG is the usual packing that we courier out.

The fresh Sabah Snake Grass leaves is the best recommended product to consume at the initial stage of herbal treatment for those cancer patients since its anti cancer effects is the highest compared to capsule or dried leaves. 

This new Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) teabag contains 25 sachets. The number of sachets to take daily will depend on the health condition of the patient. The method of drinking the teabag is same like drinking any chinese tea. Just add in hot water to the teabag and wait for at least 5-10 minutes before drink it. It can be taken during the chemotherapy treatments but  not advisable to take it together with other Chinese herbs. 

Scientific Name : Clinacanthus Nutans(Burn.f.)Lindau
Normal Name : Sabah Snake grass, Drooping Clinacanthus
Parts used : Whole plant
Usage : Kidney problem, diabetes, inflammation of liver and jaundice hypertension, hepatitis B and more than 8 types of cancers(pls refer testimonials page)

The above SSG teabag includes dried leaves from Cat's whickers. This plant is best used for treating the ailments or problems of kidney and bladder due to it's mild diuretic action. It is believed to have anti-allergenic, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.It is used as a remedy for kidney stone and nephritis. It is also used for treating gout, diabetes, hypertension and rheumatism. It is also reported to possess anti-fungal and it exhibits considerable antibacterial activity.

This packing contains both anti-cancer herbs : Sabah Snake Grass and Dark Faced General. This product is also recommended for cancer patients as sometimes a single anti-cancer herb may not work well for certain patients. 


Scientific Name : Strobilanthes Crispus
Normal Name : Dark Face General/Pecah Beling
Parts used : Leaves
Usage : Cough relief, kidney stone, gall bladder stone, bladder stone and anti-cancer.

This Dark Faced General and Sabah Snake Grass are the main 'weapons' to cure cancer diseases. They are really "gifted" by the God for the benefits and health of mankind.


Dried Leea Indica leaves: For treating leukemia and denggi
( to incease the platelet count)

From all the past testimonies on the treatments of cancer diseases by SSG, The most effective cure against cancer diseases is by taking the FRESH leaves blend with green apple. So please opt for this fresh leaves and if the patient's country's custom dept do not allow entry of fresh leaves ( like Canada, Australia) , then dried leaves is the 2nd option.

We can arrange delivery by courier services :
a) For overseas destinations (out of Malaysia) -   by Poslaju EMS
b) For Domestic (M'sia) destinations - by Poslaju

We prefer to use Poslaju EMS for overseas destinations since the charges are 30%-50% cheaper than DHL or Fedex.

Fedex to India in 2012

Fedex to India in 2012

Couriered to New Delhi in 2012

Couriered to Singapore on Sept 2013