Clinacanthus Nutans (SSG) Cured Breast Cancer

An interview with a breast cancer patient who was cured by Clinacanthus Nutans (sabah snake grass优顿草). The interview was conducted in mandarin and the followings are the english translations of the interview. 

Ms Chew, 46 a house wife was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer with 4 maglinant tumors on both sides. Doctor advised her to perform  breast surgery immediately since there has been inflammation on it. The first surgery removed  3 tumors on both sides  but later doctor advised her to perform second surgery on both sides again due to virus infection. She asked the doctor to give her three weeks’ time to consider but doctor told her that she is still young and shouldn’t wait any more.

Later her sister showed her the news article about one man, Mr.Liu who has been recovered from stage 4 cancer by consuming the sabah snake grass juice. She called Mr.Liu about her situation(it took her half day to finally reached Mr.Liu due to him receiving few hundred calls daily following his news of getting cured by sabah snake grass), weepingly saying she has 2 kids and doesn’t want to die yet. Mr.Liu consoled her saying that stage 2 cancer is a small matter and she can be cured by consuming the sabah snake grass. She started consuming 200 pcs of snake grass leaves daily for 2 weeks and went for medical check up after that. Before the check up, she did not place very high hope on recovery since 2 weeks’ time might be too short to test the potent of the grass. The medical check up was done by scanning and blood test. To her surprise the remaining bigger tumor has been disappeared and no more tumor cells.

She just consuming the snake grass for 2 weeks by blending with red apple juice. She only felt thirsty on the first week. She said that foods to avoid are cheese, butter, chicken, duck, taro and certain types of seafood.

She was asked what message she would like to give to those cancer patients, she says “ please don’t be afraid, as long as you have sabah snake grass, any cancers disease can be cured, and please have confidence towards the sabah snake grass. She later showed her mammogram report on the breast tumors before the surgery and another radiology report after the consumption of sabah snake grass at another hospital. The second report shows that all the tumors have disappeared, only cyst are left.

A conclusion to be drawn from the above video testimonial :

She made the Right Choice to cure her breast cancer by using the herbal cancer treatment method instead of going for modern medicine method.
Thousands of malaysian  cancer patients have proved the miracle cure from this herb, further more this treatment may cost only few hundred US dollars with no pain, no surgery and no removal of the breast !

Mdm Kuek, 54 from Muar town, Johor State was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer in Jan 2010 and was told to have only 6 months life and need immediate surgery to remove one breast. She instead taking SSG supplied by Mr.Liu and blended with green apple. After 2 weeks of consuming SSG, she recovered from cancer and her weight has increased from 60kg to 80kg. 

When it comes to cancer treatments, the  recommended  treatments  from doctor may not be the best option to the cancer patients ever since the doctors are still in the dark over the wonders of SSG.