Scientific Tests on Sabah Snake Grass

The Sabah snake grass (scientific name: Clinacanthus Nutans) has been used traditionally in Thailand for treatments of snake bites, skin rashes, herpes simplex virus and varicella-zoser virus lesions. The success records of the grass against these illnesses has brought up several heated debates on whether does the grass really works or it was just pure coincident.

The Department of Medical Science Ministry of Public Health of Thailand decided to conduct detailed scientific tests on the grass to find out how it has contributed so uniquely in the healing process.

The final results of the tests showed that the antiviral chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b related compounds from Sabah snake grass played an important part in healing of herpes infections.

The Sabah snake grass has been scientifically tested for its medical values. Now it is no surprise this wonder grass can works on cancers. Perhaps, it is worth a try especially when you are in a desperate situation when a hope is always better than none.

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