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This Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) its scientific name is Clinacanthus Nutans, has been gaining popularity among Malaysian and Singaporeans as an alternative herbal cancer treatment in battling cancer diseases ever since the news came out in Guang Ming Daily in April  2011 that it has successfully curing a stage 4 cancer patient in Taiping town, Malaysia. I have been given out the plants & fresh leaves to many cancer patients for the past one year but the problem was that the cancer patients need plenty of SSG fresh leaves for their daily consumption which I was unable to supply due to limited SSG plants. 

Now the SSG  has been packed into dried teabag form and it is definitely a GREAT NEWS for those cancer patients who are unable to get enough fresh leaves or who are  living in other countries.  The alternative cancer treatments with this miracle  herb will be a trend to be reckoned with in the foreseeable future and hope that millions of cancer patients  can be cured annually if proper publicities being done by international mass communications and further researches are  being carried out  by  health care organisations on this herb.

With thousands of testimonials about the potency of this anti-cancer herb  being created up to now since 2011, the cancer diseases medical treatment landscape will soon be totally revamped whereby much cheaper, more effective, less painful, less side effects and no metastasis of cancer cells will be in place rather than the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

As all these while, those helpless cancer patients are always being hammered with exorbitant medical bills since they have no other ways to seek help and there is no guarantee their lives can be saved. ( As this is the most lucrative business segment for the hospitals and doctors)

The SSG teabags are from fresh sabah snake grass farmed and produced in Negeri Sembilan State, Malaysia which has  34 acres with over 700 types of herbs and plants. The owner Mr.Tiang, a herbal specialist with more than 40 years of  expertise in using various herbs to cure patients, even some of the serious patients are referred to him for further treatment by local hospitals.