False Allegations Against Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans) - Part 2


In this false Allegation Part II, I wish to refer to an article written by an oncologist in 2013 questioning the efficacy of Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans) for the treatment of cancer diseases.

The main issues raised  in his article are :

 1.  One out of two of his cancer patients have  tried the SSG before. Many of his patients told him that they heard about the SSG from somebody. So he thinks that the SSG seems not really a reliable cure.

 2.  In order to possibly find a cheap and potent cure for cancers, he conducted a research on SSG with another two professors by sending the fresh SSG to chemistry department for lab analysis. He also studied the medical report of Mr.Liu (Mr.Liu, a stage 4 lympathic patient was probably the first known cancer patient in the world to be cured by SSG).

a)      In the laboratory test, the SSG extract was being applied on different cancer cells by Professor Mustafa, but there were no reactions from the cells.

b)      Mr.Liu’s medical report was just a CT Scan report and without additional biopsy and X-ray details, thus cannot conclude that he has cancer disease.

  3.  The conclusions to be drawn from their research on SSG are that :
a)  The anti-cancer efficacy of SSG may not be so strong since it was unable to destroy any cancer cells in the laboratory.

b)  Even if Mr.Liu may had lymphatic cancer and the SSG may help to cure his disease, this doesn’t mean that the SSG can treat other types of cancers. The reason is that different types of cancer possess differing level of drug resistance. There is no one medication which can kill all the cancers.

I have written an email to him, pointing out that he may not gather sufficient information on SSG herbal treatment before writing this article which questioning the efficacy of SSG. He replied that less than 10% of his few hundred patients have positive results after consuming SSG.

For those cancer patients who have consumed SSG before but did not produce positive results,  please think of  the following questions :

a)      How many leaves they consumed daily?

- if they consume 5-10 leaves daily is as good as none for cancer patients.  They need around 50-200 pcs daily depending on their stages.

b)      How long they consumed it

- if they consume just 2-3 days only, then of course no results expected. From the past records the cancer patients  may need to consume continuously for 2-3 weeks in order to see if it works on them. There was one real case (non cancer patient),the breast cyst of 1.5cm size which was disappeared the next day after consuming 150 pcs of SSG leaves.

c)       Which form of SSG they consumed

-  The SSG can be in fresh, capsule, teabag or dried forms. The best option for cancer patients with advanced stage is to consume the fresh leaves form and teabag is more suitable for early stage and for those non cancer diseases like diabetes, kidney inflammation.

d)      Did they taking other Chinese herbs like ginseng, cordyceps and bird’s nest etc at the same time? Taking these items may activate the cancer cells and cause the SSG treatment less successful. From empirical observation of several known relapse cases, there is a strong correlation between taking Chinese heaty herbs/tonics and recurrence of cancer.

Below is a case of a stage 4 colon cancer patient whereby her tumor marker index dropped sharply after taking the Sabah Snake Grass.
Mdm Ong, 54 yrs old who lives in Alor Setar was dignosed with stage 4 colon cancer in Nov 2011. One doctor advised her to go for surgery first before chemotherapy but another doctor advised chemotherapy first and followed by surgery. Dr.Saw Min Hon from Hospital Nam Hua Ee Penang was one of the doctor handling Mdm Ong’s case. Mdm.Ong didn’t take both doctors’ advice,  instead she tried out the SSG.  She took SSG leaves 400 pcs daily for 40 days. 
Her indexes before taking SSG :  CA19.9 is 2283.73, CEA is 510.2.
Her indexes after taking SSG  : CA19.9 is 644.28, CEA is 68.3.

Normal Index: CA19.9 <37, CEA <0.5.

Medical report before taking SSG

Medical report after taking SSG

Dr.Saw Min Hong, a cancer specialist said Sabah Snake Grasss has the ability to treat cancer disease faster and more efficacious than chemotherapy drugs. Mr.Liu ( as mentioned above) was Dr.Saw’s former patient thus  Dr.Saw has witnessed how the miracle SSG has helped curing Mr.Liu’s  lymphatic cancer in 2009.

The above information was extracted from the following website:

In 2013,  I have couriered fresh SSG to India for one patient suffering from  adenocarcinoma stage 4 and another patient suffering from lymph nodes stage 4. Both patients had shown great  improvements after consuming the fresh SSG for a period of 1-2 months.

Important Notes
For those people having serious illnesses and have undergoing chemo & surgery treatments and/or taking herbs as an alternative treatments, but still cannot cure,  chances are high that their illnesses might be related to karmic debts or karmic retributions. The patient needs to do the followings in order to have better chance for recovery : 
a) great vows
b) recite Buddhist Sutras, Mantras and Little House
c) perform life liberation on fish
Please refer to Master Lu Junhong articles in my blog for more details.


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  2. Thanks for your comment. The purpose of my blog is to share as much as possible all relevant information about this miracle herb called Clinacanthus Nutans (SSG) to the rest of the world and help those cancer/ non-cancer patients find alternative treatments for their diseases such as cancers and diabetes. But most of the westerners don't believe this kind of thing and even laugh at it. I had one disgusting experience in UK Diabetes Facebook recently.

  3. Pls don't be discouraged by negative comment because of their negative thinking , I feel sorry for them, because of their attitude I dont think they will benefit form this miracle plant, what is more important is to give hope to those poor and in need , we are not commercialising this plant , may