Auxiliary Herb For SSG Cancer treatments

Ever since the discovery of Sabah Snake Grass having the miracle effect of curing certain type of cancers in 2011, there were thousands of cancer patients from Malaysia and Singapore being cured or their cancer diseases improved after taking the SSG, blended with green apple. Some of the cured cases can be read in my testimonial section.

But it must be stressed that sometimes the expected results of the herbal treatments with SSG may not be encouraging  as it will depend on various factors such as :
**how advanced stage is the cancer disease,
**the adequacy of SSG consumed,
**the level of damage caused to the patient’s immune system from    chemotherapy or surgery,
**how extensive is the metastasis of cancer cells to other organs after chemotherapy (if any) etc.

I have been in constant contacts with two herbal consultants in Malaysia for herbal treatment advices on behalf of cancer patients around the world during their course of treatments with SSG.  One of the consultant, Mr.Liu has been  treating many cancer patients using the sabah snake grass, especially in his hometown in Taiping, Perak State.  He has noticed that sometimes the SSG alone is not good enough to effectively treating some cancer diseases. He further said that when SSG combined with another herb called Elephantopus Scaber (地胆头) to treat certain cancers, it may improve the chances of recovery, these cancers are :
1) leukemia (blood cancer) 

2) liver cancer  
3) lung cancer 
 In one case, a thalassemia patient地中海貧血患者, an inherited blood disorder disease, a patient was able to get rid of it in 3 weeks’ time after taking both herbs.

Other than the above cancers, the Elephantopus Scaber herb may have some surprising results for other cancer diseases as it has the
detoxification property in the human body.

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