How to grow sabah snake grass

Dear readers, please be noted that Sabah Snake Grass is a TROPICAL plant and it might not grown well or not grow at all in countries which has 4 seasons. A professor Dr.Hsieh from National Pingtung University of Science and technology of Taiwan tried to grow it in Taiwan from the stems taken in Malaysia but the plant subsequently produced yellow and red leaves which are supposed to be green in colour. Thus he was unable to take the leaves for further analysis in his lab. 



1.    You start by getting ready your soil mixture.
 1.1   Use 3  parts loam (ordinary garden soil) soil.
1.2  Use two (2) parts organic fertilzer (compost or dried animal manure)

Animal manure

A pile of sand.
2.   Use 2 parts river sand Mix the three together.

Mixture of garden soil, organic manure and sand.

A worker filling up the poly bags with the soil mixture.

Poly bags filled with the soil mixture.
SSG cuttings for planting.
Cuttings planted into the poly bags.
Cuttings of SSG with the shoots growing - Age less than a week.
An SSG plant growing healthily in a poly bag - about 1 month old.
A close-up look of fully grown SSG plants - Age 2 - 3 months.
Fully grown SSG plants
A plot of land planted with SSG plants.

This is the quality of SSG leaves under direct hot sun

This is the quality of SSG leaves under half shaded area.